4 and 7 Year old Children Walk the Web!

This past weekend, two of my grandkids came over for a visit. As those of you that know me can guess, I was working on my Walk the Web 3D Browsing program. The 7 year-old, Tommie Jr., came over to me and asked what I was doing. So I handed him the mouse and within 15 seconds of instructions he was zooming all over the place. I thought this would be a good way to share how easy it is to use, so I asked Tommie Jr. if he would teach everyone how to Walk the Web with a mouse.

Like the amateur cameraman I am, I cut off the video seconds too soon when Tommie Jr. ended with, “You are very welcome!”.  I couldn’t smile any bigger!

Not to be outdone by his big brother, 4 year-old Christopher decided he wanted to give it a try. We started with a video for Keyboard and ended with a short video for Touch Screen. and once again, minutes after I completed taping, Christopher said, “this is a fun game!”.

Tommie Jr. definitely had more experience with a mouse, and Christopher actually had problems with using the mouse. His hands were too small to hold down the first mouse button and move the mouse with the trackball type mouse I use, so he was doing a two hand attempt. But when it came to the keyboard and touch screen, he had no problem. See for yourself:

It was a fun weekend. Thanks to Tommie Jr. and Christopher for showing us how easy it is to Walk the Web – 3D Browsing.

3D Browsing: Not a Game?

3D Browsing may look like a game,  but don’t be fooled by appearance. Behind the scenes it is an HTML 5 website that brings together many of the latest programming techniques like partial page postbacks, iframes, canvas animation, touch controls, and css layers.

On traditional webpages, you click a link and the browser goes blank, the new page loads, then you see the results.

In 3D Browsing, as you walk towards a 3D Building it triggers the browser to go get more information – like clicking a link and opening a new webpage – the biggest difference is I keep the animation going continuously in the foreground as the information is then loaded and added to your current view all behind the scenes. To see it in action, go to https://3d.walktheweb.com. as you walk towards the 3D Building you will see all of the contents of the 3D Building load. Walking is done by mouse, keyboard, or touch screen and works on desktops, tablets, and smart devices as long as they support HTML 5 (which is most devices today).

3D Browsing: Loading and Unloading 3D Building Content as you walk!

If you back away from the 3D Building you will see the contents of the 3D Building disappear. This same thing happens to full 3D Buildings as you walk down the street.

Another feature in this demonstration is the ability to link to traditional web pages. For example, click on the billboard. Web pages can open in their own window or in an iframe in front of the 3D Browsing view. Then, try the video in the building – move around while it plays! I have already tested many other web objects like forms (text boxes, check boxes, file uploads, buttons, etc), scroll-bars, sound, and avatars with different chase camera views. I will make them available soon!

Finally, this web server is the first of its kind hosting 3D Building Websites, but it is designed to be hosted on other servers and interconnect 3D Buildings into 3D Communities all over the internet. So stay tuned… it is just the beginning of 3D Browsing.

3D Internet Browsing is HERE!

I have been gone for a while from Blogging and Social Networks. I have not spent much time on my sailboat or with friends. Basically I have been a web programming hermit! Days, nights and weekends have been consumed by my programming to-do list. And… finally… I have something you just have to see. (https://3d.walktheweb.com)

Walk the Web – 3D Internet Browsing is now in HD!

In the past 7 months I have completely rewritten my Walk the Web – 3D Browsing program. I changed the programming language, web servers, database servers, security configuration, and complete approach to prepare for this launch.

This new foundation will now support my reach to become a fortune 500 company!

Here is what you can expect:

  • High definition video game quality graphics
  • Smooth flowing movement
  • Works on most recent computers, tablets, and smart mobile devices
  • Mouse, Keyboard, and Touch Screen enabled movement!
  • Easy to use 3D Building Tools (3D CMS)
  • Building Templates or Create a 3D Building from Scratch
  • I also create custom 3D Building Websites (Ask for a Quote)
  • My dedication for constant release of new features

Think you might want a 3D Website?

Reserve your 3D Walk the Web Names!

Visit https://www.http3d.net to reserve your names now! or for more information go to http://www.walktheweb.com. (Yes, I rewrote these two websites also in my spare time! ha ha)