I’m Still Here!

Dr. Aaron Dishno at Work...
Dr. Aaron Dishno at Work…

First I would like to thank everyone for the great feedback on the “Walk the Web” 3D Browsing site (http://3d.walktheweb.com). It has been most helpful in my journey. I took all of your comments to heart and have been neck deep in the next stage of creating the production quality version of my 3D Building Websites and 3D Internet Browsing concept.

Since I am taking you along for the ride, I thought I would share with you some of the exciting project advancements.

First, I am integrating my prototype work and concept with a popular 3D Gaming engine. What this means to you is that the next version of 3D Building Websites will have HD quality graphics, smooth action, and full support for all devices including cell phones, touch screens, and tablets. You will be able to “Walk the Web” in 3D on any device as easy as playing a game, yet interact with the 3D Building Websites just like traditional browsing the internet (with a twist in 3D!).

Second, in the spring quarter at La Sierra University I will be teaching a new course in web programming! The course is titled, “Techniques and Technologies for Client-Side and Server-Side Web Programming”. This class was created in response to my demo of my 3D Internet Browsing invention. I have been given freedom to write the syllabus and select the book(s) and have been told that I can integrate my 3D project into the course. This will be a real opportunity for upcoming web programmers to dive into something new and be part of the creation of the 3D Internet. Needless to say, if I spot talent, there is a good chance you could have a future with HTTP3D Inc.  It is just a teaser for now, but more information will come after I create the syllabus.

Stick with me and I promise to deliver an excellent quality product for 3D Building Websites and 3D Internet Browsing. It is time to “Walk the Web!” (Read more about it at http://www.walktheweb.com)

My Passion to Change the World

I Can't do it Alone
I Can’t do it Alone

Do you have a work passion in life? Something that just feels like it is the epitome of your existence? Well… I am fortunate enough that I know mine. It is so powerful that it keeps me awake at night and takes me out of my comfort zone often. I know I must do whatever it takes (keeping it legal of course). Basically, the need to act is greater than the fear of failure. Can you relate?

Change the World

My passion is to invent and right now I can be the person that brings 3D Internet Browsing to the world. I have worked hard all of my life; 24 years in school and even more years working in computers. It all comes down to this, the program works, but it will take much more help to make the business work.

First the good:

  • The idea is sound and the patents and trademarks are filed. Legally, I am doing whatever it takes.
  • Everything I can imagine to try has passed my proof-of-concept testing. The current technology is fully capable of doing what I desire.
  • I am Partnering with La Sierra University Computer Science Department. This will help me find and train teams of programmers to perfect 3D Internet Browsing.
  • We implemented Cloud technology, which is working great for the current hosted websites and will meet any future need.
  • People that see a live demo really like it and can understand the potential.

Now the challenges:

  • The PCT world-wide patent gives you 30 months to negotiate patents in as many countries as you would like and the clock is ticking. This costs thousands of dollars. (The USA patent is a separate legal filing already pending).
  • The 3D rendering is great for Internet, not as great when compared to the latest video games. I need time and additional programmers to continue developing the product quickly.
  • I need an exceptional demo of a virtual 3D City that will help people experience my vision of 3D Internet Browsing.
  • My other job is paying for everything at this time, but it takes 40 hours a week off this project.

How you can help:


  1. Re-post my Articles – Tell your friends – Share “WalkTheWeb.com” with everyone.
  2. Visit the 3D Building Websites: 3d.WalkTheWeb.com and 3d.HTTP3D.net.  On Walk the Web site, create a login and try it!
  3. Follow me on Social Networks – see www.WalkTheWeb.com for a full list of sites.


  • Have your own website (or a domain name)? Get a 3D Building Website for just $24.99 for the first year! 
  • Have faith in me and what I am doing? Want to invest in 3D Internet Browsing and make money for yourself? Email adishno@http3d.net … 

“…the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” ~ Steve Jobs

Flier for La Sierra University Students

Student Flier
Last week I met with three key people in the Computer Science Department at La Sierra University to discuss my project.

I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me the time to present my vision for 3D Internet. It was a pleasure to meet you all. I appreciate your kind welcome and the possible opportunity to work with La Sierra in my endeavor. I look forward to building a strong partnership between HTTP3D Inc. and my Alma Mater.

Thank You,


Walk the Web!

ad3My name is Aaron Dishno Ed.D. I am a programmer and education guru. For over 3 years I have been creating a new internet experience in 3D I call “Walk the Web” (http://WalkTheWeb.com). It is like combining a first person video game with web browsing. (For the tech savvy, it is not a game, download, or browser add-on, but pure HTML 5 and JavaScript so it works on most of the latest browsers). It is 3D interactive browsing (instead of clicking a link and waiting for a webpage to load). Websites are 3D Buildings, web pages are Walls, and you Pan and Walk in and out of the 3D Buildings that can be combined to form Virtual Communities. I believe it is the next generation of Internet. But you have to see it to decide…

I have been the webmaster for the county of San Bernardino for about 10 years, programmer for over 25 years, and have a doctorate in Education, Administration and Leadership. For me it is time to start promoting the website and new 3D Internet technology in the hopes to build a company (HTTP3D Inc. @ http://3d.http3d.net) and attract users and investors. Most importantly, I want to change the world and leave a legacy.