My Passion to Change the World

I Can't do it Alone
I Can’t do it Alone

Do you have a work passion in life? Something that just feels like it is the epitome of your existence? Well… I am fortunate enough that I know mine. It is so powerful that it keeps me awake at night and takes me out of my comfort zone often. I know I must do whatever it takes (keeping it legal of course). Basically, the need to act is greater than the fear of failure. Can you relate?

Change the World

My passion is to invent and right now I can be the person that brings 3D Internet Browsing to the world. I have worked hard all of my life; 24 years in school and even more years working in computers. It all comes down to this, the program works, but it will take much more help to make the business work.

First the good:

  • The idea is sound and the patents and trademarks are filed. Legally, I am doing whatever it takes.
  • Everything I can imagine to try has passed my proof-of-concept testing. The current technology is fully capable of doing what I desire.
  • I am Partnering with La Sierra University Computer Science Department. This will help me find and train teams of programmers to perfect 3D Internet Browsing.
  • We implemented Cloud technology, which is working great for the current hosted websites and will meet any future need.
  • People that see a live demo really like it and can understand the potential.

Now the challenges:

  • The PCT world-wide patent gives you 30 months to negotiate patents in as many countries as you would like and the clock is ticking. This costs thousands of dollars. (The USA patent is a separate legal filing already pending).
  • The 3D rendering is great for Internet, not as great when compared to the latest video games. I need time and additional programmers to continue developing the product quickly.
  • I need an exceptional demo of a virtual 3D City that will help people experience my vision of 3D Internet Browsing.
  • My other job is paying for everything at this time, but it takes 40 hours a week off this project.

How you can help:


  1. Re-post my Articles – Tell your friends – Share “” with everyone.
  2. Visit the 3D Building Websites: and  On Walk the Web site, create a login and try it!
  3. Follow me on Social Networks – see for a full list of sites.


  • Have your own website (or a domain name)? Get a 3D Building Website for just $24.99 for the first year! 
  • Have faith in me and what I am doing? Want to invest in 3D Internet Browsing and make money for yourself? Email … 

“…the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” ~ Steve Jobs

Social Networks – Search Engine Optimization

flickr - Social Media
flickr – Social Media

Interesting thing… I am trying to take a common phrase “Walk the Web” to search engines and make it mine! So here comes the study on Search Engine Optimization.

First, on my web pages I had created as much supportive content as possible, changed meta tags, page titles, etc… Then I tried to register the name in as many social networks as possible, because it appears that the social network user names are commonly listed in the search results (and not to mention the ownership or partnerships tend to marry the search engine to the user databases of social networks). Sometimes the name “Walk the Web” is not available so I had to go with variations such as “WalkTheWeb” and “WalkTheWeb3D”. In addition, I have ADishno, HTTP3D, and HTTP3DInc as some of my social network names before this effort.

So, now “WalkTheWeb”, “HTTP3D Inc”, and “ADishno” all have good responses in the search engines and each time I have something to post, I post it in approximately 20 social media websites (well, me and a couple others assisting now). Some day I might have to have a contest to see who is following me on the most networks (excluding my supportive wife Karen of course)!

So I have to keep working to get “Walk the Web” and “HTTP3D” to show higher.

The good news is that if you find any one of my sites (web or social network sites) they tend to all be connected and point to the others with links. Maybe it is time to become a Wiki writer, it has to be easier than my dissertation!

My First YouTube Video – ish…

I have been in videos, and I am sure some are posted on the internet, but today was the first time I tried to produce my own information video about my work.  I bough a tripod, set up my Panasonic 50X zoom camera, bought a light, then set up the scene in my living room. I then wrote some notes on a white board, moved around the light, and began testing the video scene. First thing I knew was that I had to shut off the noisy air conditioning and fan to make the sound clear. As you imagine on a day over 100 degrees, the room temperature shot up as I attempted to record the message. As sweat rolled in my eyes, the 12th attempt was pretty good run through, so I decided to call it a wrap and publish the video. Room for improvement? of course! But the first video is published, one of many.

Learning experiences? Well… better lighting would allow me to meet the screen brightness and then it wont look like I am in the dark… would be a good start. Also, if I have a cable to copy the files off the video camera, then I do not have to store it on SD ram, which only let me set the video resolution to a lesser degree. So… yes, it will get better. But overall, I feel it was a good experience and a relief to get the first one done. Thanks for reading!

New Information website

imageInterested in understanding what I have been working on for 3 1/2 years? check out my new information website. It is mobile friendly. Make sure you click the FOLLOW buttons and have your friends and family do the same. I need to build up an audience. Thanks everyone!